What You Will Learn

Read the report to learn what led to data over-retention on tape, what defines the current situation and how to remediate data holdings to reduce ongoing operational costs and regulatory risk.

Unwinding Data Immortality

Once heralded as the new "oil" that kept the corporate engine running, the glut of data is now creating oil spills.

Embracing Purpose

Learn the differences between archives and backup tapes, when each should be used and why.

Dark Data, Dark Days

Learn more about what makes back up tapes a poor selection for long-term archival storage and why.

The Path to the Digital Future

Get recommendations on the defensible remediation of legacy backup tape data and things to consider as you start this process.

From Ashes Comes New Growth

Take back control of enterprise data and avoid creating new data risk problems in the future with a few key actions.

Backup Tapes
Backup Tape Remediation
Christopher Hatfield

Christopher Hatfield

Managing Director
IG, Privacy & Security


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