The Advertising Technology (AdTech) ecosystem, comprised of thousands of third-party vendors, is both a facilitator for digital advertising, and a target of regulatory scrutiny and enforcement. In the US, emerging state consumer privacy laws impose differing compliance obligations, while major technology platforms are forcing organizations to re-think how they use AdTech to drive critical digital advertising revenue.

FTI Consulting brings together thought leadership, experience, and expertise to solve these difficult problems. Our suite of integrated services is designed to help businesses manage and mitigate regulatory risks, optimize their data, and protect and grow critical revenue derived from digital advertising.

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Integrated Suite of Services to Reduce Risk

AdTech Risk Assessment

Mitigate risk emerging from the use of online tracking technologies with an assessment of current tracking technologies against specified standards and/or industry best practices.

Leverage an FTI Findings and Recommendations Report that addresses regulatory concerns including:

  • Comprehensive understanding of data collection by online tracking technologies
  • Transparency and consent
  • Governance
  • Enabling individual rights
  • Determining lawful basis to process data
  • Data sharing with third parties
  • Automated decision making based on profiling
  • Cross-border data transfers

AdTech & Privacy Governance Framework

Assesses current-state governance via workshops, policy review and document review to develop a customized framework incorporating existing governance documentation with industry best practices. The result is a flexible and sustainable AdTech & Privacy Governance Framework aligned with your digital advertising strategy.

AdTech Data Intelligence & Optimization

Prepares the enterprise for the coming shift away from third-party tracking technologies to an optimized first-party and zero-party data approach. Design and deploy a new enterprise AdTech architecture that includes analytics of your first party data.

Managed AdTech Privacy Service (MAPS)

FTI Managed AdTech Privacy Service (MAPS) mitigates regulatory risk with a sustainable AdTech privacy governance framework via:

  • Monitoring and scanning designated websites for online tracking technologies on a regular cadence (monthly/quarterly)
  • Identifying new online tracking technologies on designated websites
  • Mapping activity against disclosures, identifying gaps, & alerting client
  • Testing consent mechanisms functionality and configuration on a regular basis