General Counsel & Chief Legal Officer

In recent years, the general counsel role has expanded far beyond its traditional focus on contracts and litigation. Corporate legal departments now manage all aspects of risk and compliance, sitting at the nexus of increasingly complex and data-intensive business models. The office of the general counsel ensures that their organizations have the legal, regulatory, privacy and compliance policies and systems in place to empower ongoing growth and success.

Unsurprisingly, these expanded responsibilities are a major focus area for general counsels. In FTI Technology’s recent General Counsel Report 2023, more than 75% of general counsels surveyed saw privacy, data protection and regulation as their largest areas of risk.

Today’s general counsel must find a way a way to manage risk and compliance, while ensuring efficient and cost-effective operations across their departments. For general counsels, the opportunity is to automate the more routine aspects of risk, compliance and legal operations, while simultaneously ensuring that their organizations are effectively flagging, escalating and managing anything that is “out of the ordinary” and requires human expertise to manage and resolve.

FTI Technology supports in-house legal departments on all related fronts: streamlining day-to-day legal, privacy, compliance, and risk management activities, while establishing stronger policies, processes and systems to handle non-routine events and exceptions that require more deliberate handling by key team members.

We help legal departments with the following services across the risk and compliance lifecycle, from the foundational policies and systems, through to the effective handling of the large, complex and urgent legal matters:

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