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Law Firms and AI

The top 3 things that should be front of mind for law firms in 2024 are AI, AI and AI again.

Using Metrics, Data, and Technology to Optimize Your Legal Ops Function

The rise of generative AI has not changed the key performance indicators of most law departments, which continue to focus on cost and efficiency. Since “what gets measured gets managed,” legal operations professionals must continue to identify and track key metrics in order to maintain alignment with the department's success factors.

The General Counsel Report 2024: Exploring the Transitions in Strategy, Technology Integration, and Operational Dynamics

In 2024, legal departments are navigating a landscape marked by heightened attention to data-driven regulations, privacy obligations, disruptive technologies such as AI, and rapid technological progress. Additionally, the proliferation of emerging data sources further complicates resource allocation and priority setting for these departments. For the fifth consecutive year, FTI Technology and Relativity partnered to commission Ari Kaplan Advisors to survey global corporate chief legal officers. These efforts resulted in The General Counsel Report 2024. This focus on only chief legal officers gives the report a unique perspective.

Data Strategies in Collective Actions

Companies facing large class actions need to develop defensible multi-year strategies for handling the obligations that surround preserving data, identifying it, collecting it, reviewing and producing it.

Data Complexities in Merger Clearance

An increasing amount of complexity surrounds some of the procedural-related obligations that organizations are faced with when dealing with an M&A clearance exercise.

Emerging Data Sources

Emerging data and the challenges associated with it are all around us and are present in many of the cloud platforms that organisations are using today.

Merger Clearance Challenges for Private Equity Firms

Private equity firms are going to need to ensure that they have a robust information governance plan in place in order to effectively respond to requests likely received from a variety of regulators.

Expert Perspective - Proactively Managing Digital Risk

FTI Consulting's Sophie Ross discusses challenges at the intersection of law, compliance and technology.

AI Within the Legal Function

FTI Consulting's Jon Chan discusses the adoption of new technology and artificial intelligence.

The Legal Landscape of Emerging Data

How is FTI Technology helping legal teams address the challenges of emerging data?

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