Emerging Fairness and Transparency Considerations in Artificial Intelligence

As global corporations strive to leverage data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for competitive advantage, regulators and lawmakers are also evolving their position to monitor whether AI systems are fair, transparent, and explainable. However, accessing the vast benefits that AI systems offer, such as automation, personalisation, and substantial efficiency gains, comes at a cost. Firms risk alienating their customers and their employees or business partners if they damage trust due to lax or inappropriate data governance and AI safeguards. As a result, regulators are also starting to increase interest in this area by proposing extensions to fair processing and transparency requirements of regulations like the GDPR.

In this webinar Jon Asprey, (Managing Director at FTI Consulting), Thomas Hammp, (Senior Technical Staff Member – AI Governance at IBM) and Oscar Hayward (Associate at Latham & Watkins), explore what organisations could and should be doing to prepare for increased AI adoption.

Points of discussion:

  • Understanding the current state of AI adoption and the impact of competition or other legal regimes.
  • Balancing AI regulatory considerations with innovation objectives.
  • Measuring fairness and detecting bias as models are developed and deployed.
  • Best practices in AI governance and ethical use of data.

If you require more information or want to learn more about information governance, data privacy and AI, please contact Jon Asprey.

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