Chief Information Officer

As the person ultimately responsible for an organization’s data, the CIO must weigh employee and enterprise productivity against the costs of procuring and managing systems, in addition to overall network health, security and enterprise control. While trade-offs are inevitable, there are also foundational steps that a CIO can take to enhance security, compliance and productivity, all at once.

Sound data and information governance is a foundational step that simultaneously helps the CIO achieve their goals while ensuring stronger partnerships with teams responsible for privacy and security, as well as general counsel offices. FTI Technology’s Data Governance practice helps CIOs implement a range of best practices that make it easier to understand and control what data the organization has, who has access to it, when and where to store it and when and how to delete it. At the same time, our risk and compliance teams can help a CIO define, diagnose and enforce compliance to control risk while simultaneously delivering effective workflows.

FTI Technology’s approach helps the CIO manage their data across its lifecycle, from creation to deletion, with support across the following areas:

CIO Services

Software development
Data Governance
Global data visualization
Information Governance
Disputes & Investigations
Risk & Compliance
Data privacy
Privacy & Security
Digital assets
Blockchain & Digital Assets