Data Governance Solutions

Traditional data governance models can be expensive, confusing, and a drain on resources if not managed, monitored and updated effectively.

Your organization’s data is the connective tissue linking business units, people, and processes together. As enterprise data is often so widely distributed across data lakes, warehouses, applications, and databases, it can be difficult to understand what data you have, let alone verify compliance with a complex web of overlapping global compliance rules.

With the growing number of standards and regulations surrounding data, corporations have a much heavier burden today in understanding their compliance obligations, including GDPR, HIPAA, the California Consumer Privacy Act and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework.

At FTI Technology, we believe that effective data governance needs to be more than a collection of policies and recommendations – it needs to include a set of scalable systems and processes that meet the immense challenges of managing enterprise data.

FTI Technology’s multi-disciplinary experts work alongside your privacy, legal, IT and executive teams to help deploy the most effective tools for your existing technology environments. Our insights-driven approach enables our clients to simultaneously unlock the value in their structured data, while adhering to regulatory and security obligations.

How We Can Help

Data mapping
Data Mapping

With today’s increasingly divergent and unstructured data sets, the ability to coherently combine data silos and still maintain data integrity is crucial. FTI Technology can help you blend a wide range of divergent data sets into a single, interoperable source of truth to serve as your data foundation.

Data lineage
Data Lineage and Quality

Understanding your data’s lifecycle – where it came from, how it’s transformed, and where it’s going – is table stakes for your organization’s ability to manage, defend, and fundamentally understand your data. When data quality management is required, we can provide all the background to ensure your organization truly understands what all that data is doing.

Data separation
Data Separation and Remediation

From proprietary intellectual property to company and client data, employees are constantly creating, sharing, and storing sensitive information. This data takes up a great deal of space, adds time to e-discovery, and can increase your risk profile. Our team can reduce exposure of this sensitive data and help you realize better value from it.

Application Migration and Remediation

Organizations are constantly changing and upgrading systems. But what happens to the data that’s left behind? FTI Technology can help you isolate and remediate data as they migrate to new processes and new cloud arrangements.

Data Anonymization, Encryption, Tokenization and Masking

For compliance with global privacy protection regulations like GDPR, we employ data anonymizing tools that can encrypt or permanently remove PII. This process also enables businesses to use the data for much wider purposes without violating data anonymization policy, or the data protection rights of the data subjects.

Identity and Access Management

FTI Technologies helps our clients put effective IAM frameworks in place to manage user access to critical information within their organizations and ensure only relevant data is shared. This increases security, and with multifactor authentication and single sign-on (SSO), also reduces employee friction and increases productivity.