Chief Compliance Officer

Chief Compliance Officers ensure organizational health in regulated industries and increasingly, beyond them. The compliance landscape is shifting as the major regulators are mandating a more hands-on approach. Compliance teams are now expected to go beyond policies and systems; engaging in active monitoring and continuous improvement of compliance programs. It is no longer enough to have programs in place, teams must continuously strive to make those systems more robust and effective.

At the same time, the scope of activities in the purview of compliance continues to expand beyond the traditional focus on financial probity and the handling of personally identifiable information (“PII”) Compliance programs must cover an expanding range of topics, including organizational culture, ethical business practices, interpersonal behaviors, sanctions compliance, conflicts of interest and more.

These changes are creating a shift in the skills and tools required for success in compliance teams’ work. Understanding legal and regulatory environments must be complemented by a deeper engagement with the technologies governing its enterprise data.

FTI Technology’s depth of expertise in both the technical and legal aspects of compliance makes us an indispensable resource to corporate compliance teams. Our compliance experts can analyze your data and system for specific risks, provide compliance strength reporting and help with the implementation and improvement of compliance processes and technologies.

As the range and complexity of corporate communications and financial systems continue to grow, FTI Technology offers valuable technical expertise for legal and compliance purposes. We are experts in mapping complex multiplatform communications tools to develop a clear and coherent picture of events. Our technical expertise enables our clients to reach levels of effectiveness in compliance that satisfies regulators and protects organizations from the grave risks that compliance breaches can pose. FTI Technology can help you proactively lean into data and systems to identify and anticipate compliance-related threats.

In an era of increased personal responsibility for compliance on the part of corporate officers, FTI Technology’s compliance expertise is an essential tool for shielding corporations and key staff from risks that can be hard to quantify yet carry serious consequences if not addressed. The era of plausible deniability in compliance matters has come to an end; companies must increasingly embrace a more active role in ensuring compliance across their organization. FTI Technology is your partner in this journey.

CCO Services

Risk Advisory

FTI Technology’s experts deliver custom risk assessments providing recommendations to manage these risks more effectively, derive insights from data, and detect and remediate potential violations.

Compliance Technology Consulting

We evaluate the capabilities of existing systems and support the onboarding of new technologies. We review and report on the organization’s ability to use data effectively, and harness advanced tools like GRC and workflow solutions to make it a reality.

Communications Monitoring

We provide technical tools and client tailored workflows that enable the proactive screening of business communications for risky and noncompliant activities. Leveraging years of experience from working on a wide array of cross-border regulatory and sanction matters, FTI Technology utilizes AI-driven modeling to develop monitoring solutions tailored to your organization’s identified risk areas and industry specifics.

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Maturity Model Consulting

FTI Technology’s experts identify where organizations are in their evolution of using technology systems to meet compliance standards, report on operational metrics, and adapt to changes in business operations or regulatory guidance. Using a tiered framework, the maturity model prioritizes next steps in a structured and measurable fashion, allowing organizations to strategically focus their resources.

Compliance Risk Scoring

We create an in-depth evaluation of your industry, operations, business model, technology stack, key data systems, and regulatory exposure of the business to develop a risk score that identifies the likelihood and impact of each risk in scope.

Antitrust & Anti-Bribery Audits and Compliance Programs

We have developed our own proprietary dynamic models using leading analytics platforms to address anti-bribery and anti-corruption issues. This extends through sales incentive programs, executed sales and contracts, and human resources.

Investigation Automation

FTI Technology’s Find Facts Fast research service combines advanced analytics, expert researchers, and proven workflow to find relevant information quickly. Our analytics sofware summarizes large sets of documents at a high level and then lets researchers zoom in to understand individual documents in context.

Procedure & Workflow Development

We develop innovate yet comprehensive workflow models for clients that promote efficiency and still ensure all regulatory steps are being met. Our advanced workflow models allow reviewers to begin training analytics models and start review during the data collection process rather than waiting to get started.

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Risk & Compliance Solutions

Government agencies are mandating higher and higher levels of regulatory compliance, including the use of data to monitor and audit compliance effectiveness along with increased enforcement. At the same time, it’s become harder than ever for organizations to gain control over a rapidly growing and disparate set of digital communications channels. As a result, many organizations are finding new challenges in risk and compliance that require advanced tools and expertise to solve.