Mastering Digital Risk


The growing number of enterprise data systems, and the increasingly complex global regulations governing these systems, requires greater operational agility.

As digital information and systems increase in number and complexity, so do the associated risks and compliance challenges. Organizations are under pressure to meet a variety of goals and do so in the most efficient way possible. Effective digital risk management can unlock opportunity and offer key insights, while increasing resiliency and lowering costs. Meanwhile, inattention to digital risk management can lead to increased costs, overtaxed resources and increased risks.

Regulators have taken the position that continuous improvement in compliance operations is mandatory. Therefore, organizations urgently need to find ways to refine and streamline risk and compliance operations. FTI Technology supports our clients in optimizing operations and providing the essential technical expertise needed to underpin ongoing risk management across all data sources, information types and high-stakes functions.


Information governance

Data Governance solutions that align policy, procedure, technology, regulatory obligations and legal requirements. FTI Technology understands the technical, operational and cultural barriers that can undermine sound data governance. The result is a robust program whereby clients manage origin, lineage, integrity, workflow, systems, infrastructure and access controls at scale.


Information Governance enables organizations to operate more efficiently and securely through better archiving, retention and remediation of enterprise data. FTI Technology helps our clients develop and adopt policies and processes across a range of enterprise systems, including Microsoft 365, to ensure that organizations defensibly remediate information that it has no need or requirement to hold.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy is mission critical for global organizations to protect personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data. FTI Technology’s global team of privacy professionals have deep experience developing privacy-by-design programs and implementing industry-leading platforms for greater control and compliance. FTI Technology helps our clients activate their privacy programs, so they perform as intended and address third-party risk management and cross-border data transfers, especially in situations involving sensitive data.

Contract review

Contract lifecycle management and analysis can be a daunting responsibility for in-house counsel. Meanwhile, time from contract to close, varied approaches to provisions with evolving regulatory implications, global exposure and unfulfilled contractual terms can have a material impact on daily business. FTI Technology’s contract solutions address the full spectrum of related concerns so corporate legal departments can become a transformative agent for business efficiency, while taking preventative measures.

Discovery Program Design and Implementation

E-Discovery Program Management aligns and optimizes technology, processes and resources to effectively support the company’s disputes and investigations portfolio. From a fully outsourced managed service, to on-demand solutions and self-service deployment options, FTI Technology has decades of experience in global discovery. We advise, assist and empower corporations and their law firms on all aspects of cost-effective and defensible discovery.

Risk and Compliance

Risk & Compliance challenges today can trigger reputational risk, customer loss, employee attrition, financial loss and erode shareholder value. As the stakes grow higher, new global regulations are placing additional requirements on organizations to better manage and control the growing volume, variety and velocity of enterprise data. FTI Technology helps clients respond to risk and compliance challenges in a holistic, defensible and practical manner. From mapping evolving regulatory obligations with existing processes and infrastructure, to developing and implementing tech-forward solutions to better automate compliance functions, our team helps clients strengthen their current environments so that they can respond to compliance issues effectively and sustainably.

Digital assets

Blockchain & digital assets are changing the landscape of finance, commerce, supply chains and more. In parallel, data transparency and immutability are more important than ever. As organizations pursue these opportunities, establishing secure, traceable and risk-resilient programs is imperative. FTI Technology’s deep domain expertise with blockchain & digital assets helps our clients establish effective controls, including chain-of-custody and other best practices in the governance and management of digital assets.