Mastering Digital Risk


Organizations face countless digital risks today, with employees working from remote locations and collaborating across hundreds of cloud-based tools and applications that that sit outside of company governance. FTI Technology provides organizations with flexible and targeted solutions to mitigate these risks.

As the leader in Digital Insights & Risk Management, FTI Technology is an indispensable partner in identifying and preventing digital risk.


Protect data

Data Protection programs require more than the implementation of policies and access management. In addition to designing and implementing routine controls, FTI Technology helps our clients put customized, stringent measures in place to protect personal information, intellectual property and other sensitive data.

Conducting an investigation

Departing employees can undermine even the most sophisticated data protection programs. IP theft and other data loss often occur at the hands of insiders well before the end of an employee’s tenure, which is why FTI Technology helps our clients assess insider risk management processes and automate controls within their existing platforms to proactively manage and monitor risky activity among departing employees.

Risk and compliance map

Risk and compliance programs are integral to establishing resilience within multi-national organizations facing tremendous regulatory pressure and growing operational risks against the backdrop of an expanding and complex data footprint. FTI Technology provides solutions to monitor and escalate certain behaviors and patterns within communications data, enabling risk and compliance teams to get ahead of and mitigate a broad range of challenges. FTI Technology provides both proactive and reactive solutions that address maturity modeling, risk assessments, procedure and workflow development, communications monitoring and technology risk.