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Data & Analytics

Continuous expansion in data volumes and their sources raises the bar for corporations to organize, manage, store and analyze data. At the same time, businesses are relying upon data for strategic insight, regulators are becoming increasingly data-savvy, and digital disruptors are forcing companies to change the way they operate.

The complexity of business processes and transactional systems within modern global enterprises adds to the challenge. The independent, trusted professionals at FTI Consulting are experts at using data to reveal underlying truths of business operations, and to support companies during regulatory inquiries and with commercial disputes.

E-Discovery & Managed Review

New discovery challenges, from collecting cloud-based apps and social media to evolving data privacy laws — as well as ongoing discovery challenges such as large data volumes, multilingual reviews, and the need for rapid understanding of critical documents — require a global, trusted partner that provides innovative solutions with defensible results.

Top-performing organizations and law firms engage FTI Consulting for a broad range of e-discovery and managed review services for litigation, investigations and regulatory matters.

Information Governance, Privacy & Security

Enterprise data, whether stored on servers, in the cloud or on employee devices, presents new challenges and opportunities for organizations. As data volumes increase, these challenges range broadly, from securely storing data in compliance with data privacy regulations to implementing data governance and preservation policies for legal obligations.

FTI Consulting provides the people, processes and technologies to deliver concrete improvements with demonstrable value for organizations. We assist in developing, implementing and documenting information governance programs that reduce corporate risk, secure data, improve the e-discovery process and enable faster and deeper insight into data.

Investigations & Monitorships

When organizations face investigations involving allegations of corporate fraud and misconduct, money laundering, bribery and corruption, trade sanction violations, and other regulatory issues, they must address such allegations or inquiries from regulators with a rapid and appropriately tailored response.

FTI Consulting supports clients — boards of directors, executive management, in-house counsel, and external legal advisors at law firms around the globe — through every step of an investigation. This includes responding to an incident, uncovering critical facts, communicating with regulators, engaging in remediation efforts, and, ultimately, meeting the requirements of a settlement agreement and repairing reputational damage.

FTI Technology is a segment within the FTI Consulting (NYSE:FCN) network of affiliated entities worldwide and is operated as a distinct legal entity in certain jurisdictions, including the U.S. and Australia.