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E-discovery Consulting & Services

There usually isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution for e-discovery – each organization has its own unique requirements and needs. This can include vertical industry specifics, litigation profile, company culture, geographic footprint, technology infrastructure, and more.

At FTI Technology, we understand how to work with this wide range of parameters to deliver solution-oriented products and services that best meet your unique needs. From end-to-end applications to point solutions like legal hold, ECA, and legal review, FTI Technology helps organizations find, implement, and optimize the right tools and technology for the job.

Our approach focuses on: Data Reduction, where we remove old, redundant data and only collect what’s necessary, greatly reducing costs; Process Workflow, proactively managing every aspect of data from inception through production; and Best-of-Breed Technology, ensuring the most advanced and appropriate tools are brought to bear for your solution, while still levering your existing IT investments where possible.

FTI’s full suite of E-discovery services also includes foreign language support and in-court data presentation.

Identification and Preservation

Our team has deep expertise in conducting witness interviews, defining potentially relevant data sources and working with IT to defensibly preserve those sources. In addition we can analyze automatic deletions within the system, help advise on preservation policies and also implement and train teams on preservation tools, such as those within Microsoft 365.

E-Discovery Software Consulting

From point solutions (i.e. legal hold, ECA, legal review), to end-to-end applications, we help organizations find and implement the best technology for their needs. This can include a wide variety of services, including hosting, on-demand services and training.

Legal Holds

We can help your team evaluate, implement and migrate to new legal hold offerings, as well as help update legal hold and data retention policies.

Global data
Data Management

Ensure that sensitive data is properly managed and remains secure, from cataloging backup tapes to collecting and remediating produced data after a matter ends.

Managed Review, Including Foreign Language

FTI Technology drives quality and efficiency at every step of the legal review process, providing a unique combination of advanced software, expert attorney review teams and innovative workflows executed in collaboration with outside counsel.

Data Collection & Forensic Investigations

With speed and discretion, our team provides a strategic, systematic, and economic approach to investigating and collecting a myriad of data sources including network, mobile device and cloud-based social media data.

E-Discovery Managed Services

From software hosting to workflow design, project management and staffing, FTI Technology can manage the whole e-discovery process with a flat and transparent monthly pricing model.

Find Facts Fast

Our team of dedicated researchers, combined with advanced analytics technology, can quickly unearth key facts and data sets to enable timely and strategic decisions in investigations or litigation.

Data Presentation

FTI Technology professionals apply their courtroom hot seat experience to understand and present your data in a manner that is actionable, whether for arbitration hearings, board presentations or other related needs.

Cross-Border / Data Privacy

Safely and defensibly, FTI Technology professionals can quickly deploy anywhere in the world to conduct a complete investigation, from collection through analysis and production, on-site at a company location. Clients benefit from FTI’s extensive experience managing global matters, including in-country cultural awareness, discrete processes that do not interrupt the regular course of business and multi-lingual capabilities.

Emerging Digital Sources Discovery

FTI Technology provides services and proprietary technology that can extract data from a wide variety of emerging digital sources including chat and instant messaging applications, collaboration tools such as Slack, social media and cloudbased platforms and visually organize it in a way that is easy to understand and review; then integrate it into the organization’s choice of platform as part of a regular e-discovery process, investigation or regulatory response.

Case Study

FTI Technology Conducts Targeted Find Facts Fast Review for Time-Sensitive Internal Discovery Matter

A U.K.-based client was notified of a suspected legal issue that had the potential to scale to a multi-jurisdiction investigation. The organisation’s legal team sought to quickly review a population of documents to ascertain the validity of the matter in advance of a board meeting at which key decisions would be made about how to move forward. FTI Technology’s Acuity® Managed Review team and e-discovery experts were engaged to conduct a Find Facts Fast review.