Litigation and investigations are increasingly global in scope and can expose unprepared teams to risk

Organizations that do business outside the U.S. or with foreign entities face the necessity of dealing with data in international jurisdictions for discovery, regulatory requests and internal investigations. Unique problems come along with this necessity - including data privacy issues, security concerns, language and cultural barriers and logistical headaches.

When facing legal or regulatory challenge with international factors, having a partner who not only understands the legal landscape, but also has experience and/or teams in the local jurisdiction can be the difference between a relatively painless process and an overwhelming problem.

What we provide

Global Onsite Investigations

FTI professionals can deploy anywhere in the world to conduct a complete on-site investigation with a minimum of business disruption. The team has deep experience with all types of investigations including internal, regulatory response, FCPA, fraud, IP theft, financial, corporate due diligence and more.

Managed Review

Our managed review teams provide efficient legal review globally. We retain our own review attorneys who are trained on best-in-breed platforms, tested processes and a variety of case types. FTI teams work in highly controlled environments for maximum security and confidentiality.

E-Discovery Services

With deep experience handling complex multinational litigation and investigations, the FTI team can securely collect, process, analyze and produce data from a variety of sources, including e-mail, voicemail, backup tapes, mobile devices, social media, the cloud, shared server files and databases.

Foreign Language Review

From Arabic to Vietnamese the FTI team has reviewed in over 30 languages and dialects. Our teams are comprised of qualified attorneys in the regions where data resides who are not only fluent in language, but are well-versed in the jurisdiction’s legal principles.

Second request case study graphic

Case Study

Second Request for a Large Defense Contractor

With nearly two terabytes of data located in five different countries including the EU, a large defense contractor contacted FTI to collect, process, review and produce documents under International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) Regulations, which required multilingual US citizens to conduct the review.

The FTI team advised on data privacy then collected and processed close to two TB of data. FTI used advanced analytics software to cull the data set from 5.4 million to 2.6 million documents. Predictive coding further reduced the population to 700,000 documents. Using multilingual review attorneys, FTI produced 480,000 documents within eight weeks, meeting all deadlines imposed by the government. The project came in under budget and FTI’s client saved over $1 million.