A New Era of Digital Insights and Risk Management - Interactive Self Survey

As data has become the foundation for modern commerce and communication, all facets of digital risk are increasingly bet-the-company concerns. Data and its related opportunities and challenges are spread across every business unit, function and stakeholder within nearly every organization. It is all-encompassing, impacting compliance, disputes and investigations, information governance, legal operations, innovation and more.

The State of Blockchain Technology and Digital Assets in Financial Services - Interactive Preview

Amid rapid and widespread disruption in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, staying in touch with industry players is a key element of any business’ strategy. This report highlights trends, explores potential risks and uncovers opportunities for the future of the industry.

General Counsel Report 2022 - Interactive Preview

Gain insights into the challenges faced by legal departments in the last few years due to the widening landscape of risk management, new responsibilities in culture and development and technology activiation in the General Counsel Report 2022.

Microsoft 365 Interactive Governance Assessment

The purpose of this report is to provide a high-level assessment of some of the risk areas that your company may be facing from an information governance perspective. This report has been generated based on the answers provided in the questionnaire in the topics of Messaging, Collaboration & Storage, and Securing & Managing data. This report is targeted to organisations with a Microsoft environment and those that are planning or have already migrated to Microsoft 365.

Interactive IAPP-FTI Consulting Annual Privacy Governance Report Preview

Take a deep dive into the leadership structures, core functions, staff and budgets, and tasks and priorities of privacy programs around the globe with the IAPP-FTI Consulting Privacy Governance Report.

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