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Cryptocurrency & Digital Asset Investigations

Cryptocurrency and digital assets have created new challenges for corporations and law firms globally. Fraud, theft and misuse of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets make headlines almost daily, and recent market volatility has significantly impacted crypto-native organizations and institutions that relied on their services. Legal teams are facing a new, rapidly evolving subject matter that requires significant technical know-how to explain complex subjects to various audiences.

FTI Technology’s Blockchain and Digital Assets experts have worked on more than 170 legal, regulatory and financial matters, offered written and oral expert testimony more than 20 times globally, engaged with more than 80 crypto investigations and won key roles in several of the largest bankruptcies in the sector. Among the high-profile and headline-making engagements, our team routinely works with counsel to inform their litigation strategy on cases involving DeFi projects, DAOs, crypto-mining operations, and NFT projects and disputes.

Together our experts hold more than 25 specialized cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and blockchain certifications and are backed by our Digital Assets Lab, which contains a trove of proven cutting-edge cryptocurrency and blockchain forensic tools. Our Lab allows us to identify and fully track more than 1,500 digital assets across more than 30 blockchains and we partner with multiple industry-leading blockchain forensics and asset tracing tools in the industry to fully support our clients no matter the engagement.

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Our team of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency experts delivers services specifically for counsel looking to provide services to their clients. With a cross-functional team of data privacy, data security, e-discovery, and digital forensics professionals, we leverage our legal and technical expertise to fully investigate claims related to blockchain or cryptocurrencies.

We educate all case parties about the nuanced elements surrounding cryptocurrency transactions and deliver written detailed reports outlining the evidence for judges, jury and clients. Preceded by our stellar reputation as a world-class consulting organization our work as third-party experts lends credibility to cases not yet seen as mainstream issues.

Crypto & Digital Assets Services

Asset tracing
Asset Tracing

Our team of experts investigate and analyze the transactional flow of all types of cryptocurrencies to uncover valuable information related to the case. We look at the behavioral patterns, origination and current location or status of the cryptocurrency in question, identify parties involved, indicators of fraud, dark market interactions, money laundering (mixers), terrorist funding, and more to provide actionable insights and information.

Digital investigation
Expert Reports

Our consultants are adept at finding the right balance of presenting complex technical findings about the emerging cryptocurrency subject matter and articulating the information for non-technical audiences. We present our forensic reports and opinions in an easy-to-understand, yet impactful manner.

Global strategy
Digital Investigations and Investigative Strategy

Using deep knowledge and technical understanding of the complex cryptocurrency ecosystem, our experts work with outside counsel and their clients to design an efficient and effective investigative strategy focused on fact finding. These facts are presented in an easy-to-understand manner via verbal communication, expert reports, and written opinions. We utilize cutting-edge, proprietary technology and workflows to provide deep information not seen in typical blockchain explorer reviews to prove or disprove activities or behaviors for alleged offenses.

Court of law
Expert Testimony / Services

Our cryptocurrency experts use their experience to clearly communicate the key points of your position and provide sound conclusions for high-stakes litigation and internationally recognized matters, easing the decision for identifying and selecting an expert witness for trial - a crucial part of your trial prep.

Common Use Cases

Tracing assets icon
Asset Tracing

Cryptocurrency Lifecycle Tracing – Origination and Transactional History of Wallets on Exchanges

Misuse icon
Cryptocurrency Misuse

Terrorist Funding, Payment Skimming, Illicit Activity (dark markets, mixers, gambling), Redirected or Misappropriated Funds

Governance icon
Corporate Governance

Anti-Money Laundering (AML); Know Your Customer (KYC)

Theft icon
Cryptocurrency Theft

Proving or disproving activities associated to allocation of assets