Legal Department Solutions

Corporate data present a host of new challenges for legal departments today. In addition to the overwhelming volume of data that legal departments now encounter daily, they are also expected to untangle new layers of complexity, formats, and sources using legacy systems that were not designed for today’s scale nor scope.

FTI Technology provides a combination of advisory, services and technology aimed at simplifying and accelerating the entire legal operations journey. We assist clients with strategic planning, process improvement, technology selection and implementation, and measurement. Our expert team aligns with our clients’ goals to deliver programs that are practical and achieve tangible results.

Our Core Areas of Focus Include:


For general counsel and legal operations leaders that need help auditing current their legal operations program to achieve a business goal, we work with clients on legal department assessments that provide a proactive gap analysis of people, process, and technology to identify areas for improvement.


Legal operations optimization requires a deep understanding of the legal department’s current state, anticipated future needs, industry nuances, existing expertise, and outsourcing strategy to determine the breadth and mix of technology needed. From trend reporting to benchmarks and best practices, FTI’s experts bring deep experience developing tailored recommendations, business cases, and implementation roadmaps.

Software development

Implementations can be some of the largest investments corporate legal departments make. FTI Technology’s experts have a proven track record for aligning the right technology with proven workflows to drive adoption, while meeting implementation timelines and budget to ensure in-house empowerment and productivity.


Corporate legal departments are increasingly acknowledging the importance of data and analytics for informing critical business decisions and measuring overall departmental performance. Our experts and data scientists have broad experience designing, building, and managing legal department reporting and analytics programs.

Signing contract
Contract Lifecycle Management

In-house counsel and legal operations need to be able to uncover, extract, and interpret data across thousands of contracts to fully understand the risks and opportunities they present. FTI Technology uses a combination of advanced workflows, analytics, and experienced reviewers to help organizations modernize their approach, reduce costs, and improve workflows.