Chief Technology Officer

From its beginnings as the architect of the company’s technology backbone, software procurement and systems management, the role of the CTO has expanded into a strategic corporate partner in charge of technical infrastructure. CTOs are now responsible for overseeing and improving company productivity and operational efficiency, directing the strategic use of technical resources, ensuring the functionality and efficiency of systems infrastructures and relied upon to be at the forefront of technological trends. In addition to evaluating and implementing new systems and architecture CTOs must also manage regulatory and compliance issues related to data privacy, corporate governance and compliance regulations.

As the complexity and ambition of projects grow, so too does the need to address thorny issues like compliance, governance, security and privacy, coordinating with a range of internal and external stakeholders to coordinate it all. Increasingly, CTOs are grappling with how to develop and deploy digital asset programs while managing all the technical and policy implications that accompany ever more ambitious programs.

FTI Technology supports CTOs across all aspects of digital risk management, systems insights, privacy, security and compliance. We help our clients mitigate risks by streamlining operations, reducing costs, enhancing security and managing data flows, all with an eye toward the reporting mandates and demonstrable results the CTO role requires. Our team of technology and business experts will work side-by-side with you in building and refining your systems and processes to strengthen your operations. We can also help you develop, refine, and implement a company blockchain strategy to reduce risk and improve efficiencies.

CTO Services

Software development
Data Governance
Global data visualization
Information Governance
Data privacy
Privacy & Security
Legal Department Operations
Risk & Compliance
Disputes & Investigations
Digital assets
Blockchain & Digital Assets