Chief Information Security Officer

Today’s business processes extend beyond the confines of any single enterprise. Organizations now forge digital connections with an ever-growing range of cloud and managed service providers, business partners and other third parties. From a security standpoint, placing an impenetrable shield around such complexity is no longer viable, particularly in a world where threat vectors move more quickly than the preventive measures designed to constrain them.

Faced with such complexity, successful CISOs are focusing their efforts on defining their roles in terms of business objectives: acquiring, serving, and retaining customers. A more business-oriented lens enables CISOs to focus technology investments and processes and provides a clearer set of guideposts for defining objectives and managing trade-offs.

By aligning themselves with their organization’s broader strategic and financial objectives, CISOs can help build a sustainable competitive advantage. They can prevent catastrophic disruption to operations and take actions that enable more trusting, rich and valuable forms of exchange between businesses and their customers.

Successfully adopting this mindset requires that CISOs prioritize risk-management, allowing business needs to shape technical decisions that achieve tangible business outcomes.

FTI Technology’s holistic approach can help the CISO across the Digital Insights & Risk Management lifecycle. We help our clients manage digital risk, from defining appropriate objectives, policies and technologies, to the management of specific digital risk related events and matters. Our specific areas of expertise include the following:

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