A U.K.-based client was notified of a suspected legal issue that had the potential to scale to a multi-jurisdiction investigation. The organisation’s legal team sought to quickly review a population of documents to ascertain the validity of the matter in advance of a board meeting at which key decisions would be made about how to move forward. FTI Technology’s Acuity® Managed Review team and e-discovery experts were engaged to conduct a Find Facts Fast review.

Our Role

FTI Technology’s Find Facts Fast solution was essential to completing this matter within the client’s time frame. Find Facts Fast leverages FTI Technology’s analytics experts and researchers to analyse and evaluate large datasets using advanced analytics and data visualisations. This provides identification of important documents and key themes within them quickly.

Unlike a linear review, Find Facts Fast provides the key facts and insights that legal teams need to understand a matter and develop a strategy. Given the circumstances in this client engagement, this approach was beneficial for providing a clear and timely understanding of the facts so the legal team could make critical decisions quickly. Utilising the Find Facts Fast approach significantly reduced the time required for the law firm to develop their understanding of the key facts and themes in the case. This included the identification of key documents within the first few days of review, which helped inform their strategy when preparing for witness interviews and discussions with expert advisors. In contrast, the results of a full-scope first-pass review would have resulted in a gradual promotion of key documents and themes, which would have extended the time required to conduct the interviews and made it untenable for the client to meet the reporting deadline of under one month.

FTI’s global Acuity footprint was instrumental in facilitating this cross-border review to meet the deadline. Within 48 hours, FTI’s recruitment teams staffed over 100 qualified document review attorneys in the United States and European Union, allowing for a swift ITAR screen which continuously funneled documents into the U.K.-based Find Facts Fast research queue and on to counsel.