What AI Can Learn from Privacy: Recommendations for AI Governance

FTI Consulting Senior Managing Director, Nina Bryant, joined IAPP Principal Researcher, Katharina Koerner, CIPP/US to discuss findings from the IAPP report on responsible AI and privacy. This webcast covers:

  • Key findings from the IAPP/FTI Report on AI and privacy governance  
  • The maturity level of organizations in their efforts to govern AI responsibly  
  • Drivers for the decision to look at privacy governance as a guide for responsible AI  
  • Where privacy programs can help to onboard responsible AI strategies   
  • How organizations think about skills and tools for AI risk management   
  • How new developments in the AI landscape add novel risks to existing ones  
  • How approaches to AI regulation differ between the US, the U.K., and the EU  
  • Steps organizations can take to tackle these challenges.  
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