Interview: Gráinne Bryan on FTI Technology in Ireland

In this interview, Chris Dale of The eDisclosure information Project spoke with FTI Consulting’s Grainne Bryan to discuss her role in Dublin and the addition of FTI’s Technology segment to FTI’s growing Irish establishment, part of a wider organisation which brings together technology skills in Madrid, France, Germany and South Africa.

Her role is to bring technology support to law firms, financial institutions and other corporations, including e-discovery, investigations, regulatory reviews, contract intelligence, information governance, data analytics, and forensic collections.

These are areas which have seen considerable growth in Ireland, partly because major US technology companies are based there, and partly because of Brexit, which has encouraged UK law firms to set up in Dublin, stimulating competition between firms. There has been focus too on the General Data Protection Regulation, not least because of enforcement action taken against Facebook and others.