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Contract Solutions

Efficient analysis of contracts is critical to meeting regulatory requirements, recognizing business value, and reducing legal risk, yet many corporations lack an organized method to act upon their diverse contract universe.

FTI Technology’s Contract Solutions team helps organizations solve this problem by quickly identifying relevant insights from within large contract datasets, allowing them to understand important rights and obligations across industries and business units. The FTI team does this by combining leading-edge artificial intelligence and analytics technology, expert-designed workflows, and attorney review teams experienced in contract analyses and negotiation with a systems orientation.

What our experts do

Integrated End-to-End Contract Services


Contracts are identified and collected to create a secure, centralized document repository. Advance pattern matching technology can be used to sift contracts and categorize them according to particular review workflows.


Contracts are ingested and processed to automatically model contracts against libraries of clauses and extract specific legal and commercial points.


Contract terms are analyzed by FTI and presented to commercial and legal contract owners to determine the desired business outcome for the future event, e.g. restructuring, transactions, and integrations.


Each contract is given a disposition path using contract terms, financial information, and desired business outcome. FTI negotiation teams execute and report on the status of contract remediation to identify risk and meet deadlines.

Tested Processes to Support Enterprise Contracts Initiatives

Drawing on a wealth of delivery experience, FTI's Contract Solutions Team applies a tested methodology that can be customized to client requirements, including the following activities and workflows:

  • Apply forensic techniques to securely collect and centralize relevant contract documents and preserve important metadata
  • Create a central digital inventory and searchable repository of contracts and terms/ clauses
  • Remove "noise" and cull a contract population for non-contracts, expired contracts, and other non-relevant information
  • Consult with business units and department leaders on desired contract disposition for future event, e.g. restructuring or transactions
  • Extract relevant contract terms and clauses automatically via artificial intelligence with the ability to enhance extraction through machine learning
  • Consolidate desired business outcomes, historical spend analysis, and contract terms into a managed weekly report or project-end analysis
  • Design, execute, and manage contract remediation process based on contract review findings + the desired business outcome
  • Design and distribute reporting for each stage of the project
  • Migrate readable contract documents and associated data to client or third-party systems

Why FTI for Contract Services?

Advanced Analytics Technology Streamlines Contract Collection and Review

  • The Contract Solutions technology suite brings together advanced analytics tools and artificial intelligence, to reduce cost, prioritize risk, and expedite contract remediation.
  • Non-contracts and expired contracts are removed from analysis using a variety of culling techniques through the technology stack.
  • Contracts are prioritized for review and remediation through automated extractions and FTI-designed workflows.
  • Data is structured using multiple layers of business, financial, and contract term information, pulled together in a comprehensive, reportatable database.

Expert-led Processes Designed for the Unique Challenges of Contract Review and Remediation

  • Beyond the technology, FTI provides contract consulting and client-coordination efforts to transform their contract library with desired business outcomes on an expedited timeline.
  • Experts across multiple industries and disciplines with decades of experience in managing and analyzing corporate contracts come together to create bespoke contract solutions during any phase of a corporate event where an organization's contracts play a role in the outcome.

Tested Processes to Support Enterprise Contracts Initiatives

The FTI team delivers a set of tested workflows and deliverables that can be customized to client requirements.

  • Forensic collection and preservation of relevant contract documents and metadata
  • Digital inventory and searchable repository of contracts, terms and clauses
  • Extraction of relevant contract terms and clauses automatically via artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning-enabled custom clause extraction
  • Organization of contract hierarchies to link master agreements with related documents and perform gap analyses
  • Cost-effective manual contract review in coordination with client’s internal or external counsel
  • Structured data deliverables, analytics reports and business intelligence
  • Migration of contracts and associated data to client or third-party systems