From small projects that streamline operations, to large-scale transformations of an organization's data security program, blockchain is providing practical benefits to a broad range of industries and organizations today.

Blockchain at a Glance

$27 Billion in Savings for Financial Institutions

The amount blockchain technology will save financial institutions by 20301

Cross-Border Payment Security is Priority #1

Cross-border payment security is the number one priority for blockchain use, according to a recent financial services industry survey.2

41% of Corporations will Deploy Blockchain

41% of corporations will deploy blockchain technology within the next 12 months, according to a recent executive survey.3

Why FTI For Blockchain?

Our global team of professionals – comprising blockchain experts, former regulators, cyber security leaders, forensic investigators, law firm counsel, litigation support, in-house counsel and IT – provide your company with technical expertise, legal and regulatory experience and effective program execution. To learn more, please contact

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