The New UAE Privacy Law and its Practical Implications

The UAE Government has recently introduced a new data privacy law. Watch this video as experts, Ben Crew, Head of Information Governance, Privacy, and Security MENA at FTI Consulting and Hamed Halawani, Head of Risk Specialists, Middle East, and North Africa at Thomson Reuters discuss these new laws in detail and what the implications are for businesses in the UAE.

The Federal Data Protection Law, implemented on January 2, 2022 will be the UAE’s first data privacy law at the federal level and will be complementary to existing data privacy laws. It is expected to fundamentally change how UAE-based organisations manage data, as well as international companies that interact with local organisations.

The new law is designed to protect individual privacy rights and give consumers increased control over their personal data, in-line with international standards. Organisations should be able to answer any questions from a member of the public about the use of their data and demonstrate transparency and sound management to the regulator.

The Federal Data Protection Law is part of a new wave of global regulation that governs data privacy. Data protection and management looks set to become a growing issue for organisations and senior executives are advised to gain an understanding of the requirements of the new law and begin to prepare their systems and processes.

FTI Consulting partnered with Thomson Reuters on this video. If you would like more information, please contact Ben Crew, Hamed Halawani or visit Thomson Reuters' website.

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