Protecting Sensitive Data: Remote Employees, Trade Secrets and Data Loss


There is no question that the last few months have disrupted the workplace in profound ways. While the implications and timeline of this disruption are only just beginning to be fully realized, it’s clear that the transition to remote work for the vast majority of corporate employees has made data potentially more vulnerable to compromise, leakage and theft. Additionally, the upheaval of the global economy means that workforce shifts or reductions are likely inevitable.

How can a corporation protect sensitive data in these circumstances? How do organizations detect and respond to data leakage and/or theft when it happens? And once data is compromised and litigation started, how do businesses put a value on what was lost?

Join this webcast, as forensic and trade secret theft experts discuss these issues and share techniques for developing a proactive and prepared stance to face them. Discussion topics will include:

  • Techniques for protecting data that is no longer under strict corporate control due to remote work scenarios.
  • Specific data theft and leakage issues that may arise due to force reductions and furloughs of remote employees.
  • Detecting and investigating abnormal data practices, data compromise and even theft of trade secrets.
  • Calculating the cost and impact of a data loss or theft once it has happened, including valuation and damages models.


Brent Bersin
Senior Managing Director, FTI Technology

Jared Trent
Senior Director, FTI Technology

Tan Pham
Senior Counsel – Litigation, Total

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