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Innovation Isn’t a Race, It’s a Mindset. A Glimpse at FTI Technology’s Approach to New Solutions.

Across all our practices and experts, our approach is inspired by FTI Technology’s client-first strategy — and the framework through which we drive innovation is underpinned by our culture of adaptability, collaboration and innovation. Within that, the New Solutions Program will reinforce a structured, yet flexible, approach that allows us to continue to adapt quickly and strategically to both foreseen and unexpected needs as they arise. This strengthens our ability to connect the dots between client needs and technological change and guides how we leverage advanced products, consulting, processes and technology-enabled services to solve a variety of challenges.

Keeping pace with the velocity of technical, regulatory, opposing and competitive change is an ongoing and intensifying challenge our clients face across a wide range of functions. General counsel are taking on more responsibility and risks than ever before. Chief compliance and data privacy officers are tracking and responding to a steady stream of new regulations and enforcement actions that vary across state, regional and federal jurisdictions. Legal operations professionals are expected to do more with less. Chief data officers must balance business needs against numerous data management requirements. Information technology and security departments need to maintain business-as-usual, while also meeting increasingly complex governance challenges, security requirements and a constant barrage of external threats. Chief financial officers want to make smart, sustainable investments into blockchain and digital assets. Across the board, businesses need higher quality data, governance, protection and insights.

For example, emerging data sources are driving exponential growth of the corporate data footprint. This has implications for disputes, investigations, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, compliance monitoring, data privacy and information governance. Our global emerging data experts are at the forefront of these issues and continually designing new ways to manage, analyze and enrich data as it evolves.

Our position to help solve digital risk challenges is unique. The depth of our technical experience and history in the e-discovery software industry allow us to pursue and bring extensive innovation. Importantly, we bring a deep bench of global domain experts who are keenly aware of the biggest legal and regulatory disruptors on the horizon. They’re also familiar with client challenges and project-specific nuances at a granular, practical level. Our strategy leverages these strengths. It blends reactive and proactive, artificial, and human intelligence, standardization and flexibility, to deliver what our clients need now, while capturing opportunities to support them in adjacent and emerging areas across the key thresholds of digital risk.

Organizations need prescriptive, effective, innovative solutions to thrive in this landscape. FTI Technology’s focus on delivering innovation and new solutions enables corporations and law firms around the world to extract meaningful value from their most vital information, manage risk, glean data-driven intelligence and meet a broad array of rigorous third-party demands. We’re committed to serving our clients’ needs throughout their data-driven journey to identify, manage and mitigate related risks, as well as uncover insight and opportunity. Our vision is to pair our client’s needs with our solutions anywhere on that spectrum and continuously maintain an eye towards future client-oriented innovations.

Throughout my career as a client, competitor, opponent and colleague, I have witnessed first-hand how FTI Technology consistently demonstrates an unwavering commitment that yields strong results. It is a privilege to help usher along continual innovation and new solutions. Please contact us anytime and to stay tuned for more updates about our current and upcoming solutions.

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