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New Data Types in the App Age


The legal industry is hungry for guidance on how to deal with the explosion in cloud-based applications and new data types that are creating headaches for organizations of all sizes. While the threat of big data has cast a shadow over IT and legal departments for several years, the real challenge is proving to be the variety of data, and it is quickly defeating traditional collection and review tools and strategies.

When e-discovery kicks off for an investigation or litigation, it is now more difficult to assemble the new data with "old" data from traditional email and corporate data stores. Effective e-discovery requires the ability to easily and quickly gather all forms of data to understand the bigger picture. As organizations grow more global, mobile and collaborative, more critical interactions are taking place in these new channels. In a recent article in The Corporate Counselor, JR Jenkins and I provided some insight for how corporations can begin to address these issues.

The next "big-thing" app – that no one has heard of, but everyone will be using in six months - is just getting started today, which makes it nearly impossible for organizations to get their digital hands and policies around the endless stream of data types. Still, creation and use of data are the lifeblood of corporations, and require fluid collection and review processes that can grow and change alongside the landscape. While many in the legal and compliance world continue to be overwhelmed by app culture, there is an opportunity to leverage all the knowledge that resides within those repositories and begin to establish greater control. To read the full article, including a real world example of how one of FTI’s clients solved some of these challenges, visit The Corporate Counselor.

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