Using a combination of experts, proven workflows and advanced technologies, FTI Technology set out to first reduce the population of 11 million files in the review platform, which allowed the managed review team to evaluate the remaining documents relevant to the investigation.

With an initial set of keyword search terms and qualified lawyers in multiple jurisdictions, the team conducted the review through steps including:

  • Leveraging FTI Technology’s breadth of expertise across multiple areas and regions to provide extensive support for the ongoing, high-stakes matter.
  • Combining search terms with continuous active learning (CAL) predictive coding to target the documents most likely to be relevant to the investigation.
  • Implementation of proven workflow efficiencies alongside advanced technology, including division of review sets into different jurisdictions, with dedicated review protocols and assigned to multiple review teams.
  • Document review of the reduced population to identify relevancy, issue codes, entities, sensitive personal data and significance across the dataset.
  • Foreign language review for documents in Spanish originating from multiple Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Provision of detailed significance summaries for all documents deemed of high importance or key to the investigation escalated to counsel daily.
  • Execution of robust quality assurance across the entire team throughout the review, including CAL scoring to assess tagging.
  • Performing additional targeted searches to collect documents related to additional issues identified in the course of review and creation of summary reports.