In an ongoing restructuring engagement for a global client of FTI Consulting’s Corporate Finance segment, FTI Technology’s Corporate Legal Operations practice was tapped to assist with scoping of tens of thousands of contracts during the restructuring.

The project was to be completed within a six-week timeframe. FTI Technology’s Contract Solutions experts provided an on-time and under budget data deliverable that met filing requirements and served as a useful input for downstream commercial applications for the client.

Our Role

FTI Technology’s Contract Solutions team understood that the document population would need to be reduced to only relevant and potentially relevant files in order to complete a thorough review within the timeframe. As a first step, the team leveraged machine learning-powered processing techniques to eliminate documents that were not in scope. Then, the team’s customized metadata-based file identification process enabled another two-fold of files to be removed from the review population. For the remaining files, FTI Technology developed a series of natural language search and artificial intelligence clustering techniques that further de-scoped a significant subset of documents, resulting in a rapid reduction of 90% of the population as irrelevant documents and contracts.

With the dataset refined, the team designed workflows to review the remaining relevant contracts, which was at that point narrowed to a manageable volume in the thousands. This included implementing a custom protocol to extract data in compliance with the filing requirements, allowing the team to quickly capture the relevant provisions and produce an accurate and complete record of the analysis.