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E-Discovery Self-Service

FTI Consulting’s e-discovery managed services enables corporations and law firms to extend their e-discovery software and teams in a seamless and cost-effective manner. For individual matters, or complete multi-year portfolio management, FTI Technology’s flexible managed services enable legal teams to quickly start new cases and focus on strategy, leaving the Relativity software deployment, support, and services to FTI Technology’s e-discovery experts.

For years, organizations of all sizes have struggled with operationalizing ediscovery to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Expanded ediscovery managed services offering answers this need for Relativity users. Whether the client wants to conduct discovery on its own, but not manage the software licenses and infrastructure, or prefers to fully outsource the entire ediscovery function, FTI Technology has flexible options that provide greater control and budget predictability.

Each organization has its own unique litigation portfolio, and many have outlier matters that are either larger or more complex than a typical case. FTI Technology’s managed services enable organizations to select the model that best fits their cases, but with easy “burst” capacity for matters that may require a different approach or additional services, such as multilingual managed review.

How We Can Help

Self-service document review

A private and secure Relativity environment, including seamless upgrades, for organizations that want to outsource the technology but manage the e-discovery process.

Managed services conference room
Managed Service Agreement

The same, secure Relativity environment, but with FTI Technology’s expert e-discovery team managing the workflow and process from processing to production.

Global review

FTI Technology’s expert team is an extension of the organization’s legal team, providing the people, process and technology to cost-effectively manage discovery.


Predictable Pricing

FTI Technology’s managed services include flexible terms and expandable environments, designed for greater budget transparency and predictability. Clients can select from multiple pricing tiers depending upon their deployment options, number of users and data volumes.

Innovative App Store

To meet specific needs on particular matters, FTI Technology has created an “app store” allowing clients to select and seamlessly use a large and growing list of add-on functionality designed by FTI Technology and its partners. This includes a chat module, for matters involving instant messaging communications that need to be reviewed, to globally consistent templates and native Excel redaction from Blackout.

In addition, FTI Technology clients have access to onboarding and training, expert e-discovery teams and workflow for any matter, as well as global support leveraging FTI Technology’s Relativity offering in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. The expanded Relativity managed services complement the Ringtail managed services offering previously provided by FTI Technology.

FTI Technology is widely recognized as a leading provider of consulting and services that span the entire discovery process. From legal holds and global data collections to legal review and production, FTI Technology consultants assist in developing policies, deploying technology and executing entire programs as a managed service. FTI Technology professionals are experienced in managing data requirements within highly regulated industries and leading discovery efforts across a wide range of matters, from large-scale, multijurisdictional disputes to targeted internal investigations. As part of this, FTI Technology provides clients with a choice of technology and service options to best meet their particular needs. Relativity augments other technologies offered by FTI Technology, including Nuix Discover and Microsoft Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery.