FTI Technology provides expert services for helping clients get an optimal return from their investment in the Exterro Orchestrated E-Discovery Suite. This includes:

  • Inventorying legacy holds and case migration;
  • Software implementation and process optimization;
  • E-discovery workflow optimization, including legal holds and early case assessment; and
  • Delivering Exterro as a fully managed service, including legal review.

The Exterro Orchestrated E-Discovery Suite

From identification and preservation through to review and production, the Exterro Orchestrated E-Discovery Suite enables internal and external stakeholder to automate activities across the entire e-discovery process, ensuring seamless handoffs, transparency and defensible audit trails. Exterro Orchestrated E-Discovery offers an advanced, innovative design that enables customers to manage, measure, and optimize e-discovery processes, unifying all e-discovery phases and all stakeholders together on the same technology platform.

Standout features and benefits include:

Search and analytics prior to collection

  • Find important data quickly through built-in concept search, facet search, fuzzy search, Boolean search, predictive coding and email traffic analysis
  • Reduce e-discovery costs by culling data earlier in the process

Processing during collection

  • Legal review begins faster
  • No data hand-offs between various software applications and IT/legal teams

Single - core architecture

  • Data relevant for multiple matters only needs to be collected and stored once
  • Previous legal work product (coding decisions, issue tags, etc.) is saved and can be re-used on future matters, reducing the cost of legal review

Global labelling

  • Critical designations such as Privilege or Confidentiality can be applied once and carried through to all matters, saving time and money in subsequent reviews

Intelligent dashboards and advanced reporting

  • Ensure deadlines are met and proactively identify potential problems through at-a-glance workflow visibility into activity owners, deliverables, issues and notes at the overall project and individual task levels

Intuitive interface

  • Users intuitively understand how to perform their required actions and easily move projects forward

Customizable workflows and process templates

  • Orchestrate and enforce communication and collaboration across legal and IT teams, service providers, outside counsel and all other stakeholders
  • Every step is documented and defensible
Exterro Orchestrated E-Discovery Platform

Through expert consulting and services, FTI Technology can help corporate legal teams and law firms optimize the Exterro Orchestrated E-Discovery Suite for a greater return on investment.

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