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FTI Technology helps clients meet their dynamic legal and regulatory challenges with innovative e-discovery solutions. From leveraging legacy in-house tools for discrete steps within the e-discovery process, to managing the entire process as an outsourced managed service, FTI Technology offers a broad range of flexible solutions that focus not only on the technical tools, but also on the policies and procedures that support the process.

FTI provides hosting and expert managed services for the Nuix Discover e-discovery software, a complete e-discovery solution that combines case management and document review in a single platform. This includes powerful data analytics and visual review tools that dramatically increase the productivity and efficiency of legal review. In total, Nuix Discover is a powerful e-discovery platform with marketleading functionality designed to dramatically increase reviewer productivity and reduce the overall costs of e-discovery.

FTI Technology’s expert Nuix Discover e-discovery services help your legal team fully optimize the advanced Nuix Discover features, including:

  • Visual Early Case Assessment: Nuix Discover transforms early case assessment from one-dimensional keyword searching and hit counts to multi-dimensional, visual analysis of concepts, custodians and critical data points. In this way, Nuix Discover delivers far more than just ECA, but also provides the roadmap to quick, cost-effective document review.
  • Visual Predictive Coding: E-discovery’s original visual predictive coding user interface shows key data points on interactive dashboards to improve the speed and consistency of the predictive coding process. Purpose-built to solve the problems of law firms managing a variety of challenging case types, Nuix Discover makes it easy to use predictive coding.
  • Data Mining: Perfect during early case assessments, when prioritizing review workflows or when performing quality control (QC), Nuix Discover’s data mining provides a valuable “macro” view into concepts and keywords, ensuring your teams are focusing on the right documents.
  • OLAP Cubes: Nuix Discover’s OLAP cubes build information-rich pivot tables that allow your team to quickly find important information, from gaps in your collection to how many keyword hits there were across every document in the collection.
  • Boolean Searching: Nuix Discover’s Boolean search allows teams to build, run, rerun and maintain complex searches during a matter. In addition, searches can be saved and shared with other members of the review team.
  • Keyword & Search Term Analysis: Nuix Discover can analyze thousands of search terms and phrases against any-sized custodian population and present interactive "hit-reports" which allow teams to test and sample a variety of search term families without having to run individual searches. These analysis reports are linked to the actual documents, meaning reviewers can go from hit count to document set with a single click.
  • Search Term Families / Hit Highlighting: Efficiently create, run and automatically update search terms with Nuix Discover's Search Term refinements. Add multiple search terms at once or bulk upload with spreadsheets to more effectively create Nuix Discover searches.
  • Concept Clustering & Searching: Nuix Discover’s innovative Document Mapper clusters documents based on conceptual similarity. Fully searchable and interactive, these Maps allow reviewers to shape, shift, filter and sift documents to reveal key facts and key fact patterns.