As enterprise data grows in volume and variety, FTI Technology’s global and expert e-discovery services, leveraging the AI-powered Reveal platform, provides legal teams with faster insights into data for litigation, investigations, compliance, antitrust and data privacy matters.

The Reveal dashboard
The Reveal dashboard

Combined with FTI Technology’s expert services, clients can reduce the cost of discovery and accelerate case strategy development by leveraging key capabilities within Reveal, including:

  • Sentiment analysis: Identify and prioritize positive and negative tones within data to key in on relevant data faster.
  • Linguistic and emotional intelligence: Detect patterns and anomalies quickly within large datasets.
  • Active learning: Leverage previous coding decisions to find similar documents and prioritize document review.
  • Communications trends: Understand social networks and communication patterns and timelines, including on social media.
  • Visual analytics: Interact with data visualizations to uncover important concepts, relationships and patterns.